Real Estate Essentials - Test 05

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Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 05

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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Electronic signatures may only be used in a transaction if…?

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A contract does not need a consideration element if it is signed under…?

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When an owner applies for land severance, the approval body must give its decision within…?

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A patent defect in a property is one that…?

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In breach of contract cases, a court may recommend a specific performance remedy, which is what?

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If a landowner is granted land severance with conditional consent, they usually have how long to fulfil the conditions set?

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In terms of "for sale", "open house" and "sold" signs, which of these is controlled by zoning bylaws?

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Which of these Canadian cities is governed under a specific Act of Parliament rather than the Municipal Act?

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If both parties agree to terminate a contract, the contract is terminated by…?

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All electronic documents held by a brokerage must be…?

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A contract is terminated by "frustration" when…?

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The consideration in a contract which makes it binding may not be…?

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If one spouse is the registered owner of a matrimonial home and the other is not, they may not dispose of it, mortgage or income rate without…?

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Salespersons must witness electronic signatures and ensure that what is added to them?

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If an owner or buyer wishes to make a use of their property that is not permitted in existing zoning bylaws, they may apply to their local committee of…?

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If the owner of a plot wishes to divide it up into two plots, they must apply to the local municipality for approval of…?

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Rescission means that a contract…?

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Which of these falls under zoning bylaws?

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A contract for land will be generally avoidable, sometimes void or never binding if the contract is made with a person under what age?

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Which of these would count as sensitive personal information rather than just personal information?

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The Official Plan for a municipality may extend up to how far in the future?

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A Subdivision Plan registration is usually required when a landowner wants to divide their land into more than…?

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Breach-of-contract occurs when…?

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Provincial policy statements address planning matters of public interest and are reviewed every…?

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Damages are only payable for breach of contract if…?

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Which of these assumes all responsibilities under the Municipal Act?

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A "common mistake" in a contract occurs when…?

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A Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) is responsible for hearing…?

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Both spouses have equal right of possession of a matrimonial home…?

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The Family Law Act provides similar rights for common-law spouses as for married spouses as long as the couple have lived together for…?

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