Real Estate Essentials - Test 06

This test is an important step in obtaining your real estate license, and it covers a wide range of topics related to real estate law, ethics, and best practices. Fortunately, you can use free practice tests online to help you prepare. These practice tests are a great way to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll encounter on the real exam, and they can help you identify areas where you may need to study more. With diligent preparation and a solid understanding of the material, you can pass the Ontario Real Estate Essentials Test on your first attempt and move one step closer to achieving your career goals in the real estate industry.


Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 06

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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The maximum rent deposit for a residential property where the rent is paid monthly cannot be more than…?

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A brokerage must keep records of client identification documents, receipts of funds and reports made to FINTRAC for a minimum of…?

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A director on the board of a condominium corporation does not have to retake their training upon re-election provided they are re-elected within…?

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Licenses for condominium managers/management companies are valid for a period of…?

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A residential landlord cannot demand a security deposit in excess of…?

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Condominium buyers in converted buildings are protected by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act provided they signed their Agreement of Purchase and Sale after January 1…?

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If a broker or salesperson makes an unsolicited telemarketing call to a person on the DNCL (National Do Not Call List) they may be fined up to…?

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If a buyer/potential buyer requests a status certificate for the condominium corporation it must be supplied within 10 days and the maximum fee that can be charged is…?

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If a registrant knows or believes that a property they are dealing with is owned or controlled by a terrorist or terrorist group, they must inform FINTRAC and the RCMP or CIS...?

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Registrants checking the credit file of a client should obtain a minimum of how many years' records?

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A residential landlord must give a tenant how much notice of a rent increase?

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A registrant must make a Large Cash Transaction Report (LCTR) to FINTRAC if a cash transaction or multiple transactions within 24 hours amounts to more than…?

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FINTRAC is the government agency responsible for overview of…?

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An LCTR report be made within how many days of receipt of the cash in question?

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For the purpose of sending Commercial Electronic Messages, an "existing relationship" with the recipient is deemed to exist if they have had a business or non-business relationship with the sender within the last…?

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In a commercial property with a month-to-month periodic lease either the landlord or tenant may terminate the lease with how much notice?

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Members of a Condominium Corporation board of directors elected after November 1, 2017, must complete mandatory training from CAO within what time of their election?

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If a condominium corporation board of directors presents the condominium rules to unit owners, they become effective if no unit owner requests a meeting about them within…?

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A residential landlord can ask a tenant to provide the rent through…?

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Failure to keep adequate records of financial transactions needed by FINTRAC may result in up to…?

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If the main floor of a property contains stores and there are apartments on the upper floor(s), which act would govern the building?

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If a Commercial Electronic Message is sent to a person who has given their express or implied consent to receive it, the person sending the CEM must provide a method to withdraw consent/unsubscribe from messages within…?

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A condominium corporation must maintain a reserve fund separate from the operating fund to be used for…?

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Which of these people is it not permitted for a broker or salesperson to cold call?

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Failure to report a suspicious transaction to FINTRAC may result in a financial penalty of up to…?

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A brokerage must complete a written risk assessment to ascertain threats and vulnerabilities every…?

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If a business is acting for a client registrants must verify at least two transactions with identification verification that occurred within the previous…?

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If a commercial tenant has reached the end of their lease and has not quit as requested by the landlord, what can the landlord charge as a penalty for each extra month they stay?

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If a brokerage violates the CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation) by sending unsolicited emails, instant messages, social media messages et cetera, they may as a corporation be fined up to…?

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A Condominium Corporation exists to provide for the interests of…?

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