Real Estate Essentials - Test 07

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Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 07

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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Which of these factors might make the authorities decide that business tax applies to the profit from selling a property?

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An unlawful agreement between competitors to fix prices and manipulate the market is a conspiracy in law if it is agreed…?

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A taxpayer's principal residence, which is exempt from taxation when sold, is the one…?

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If a non-resident seller has not paid the tax liability on a property when the sale has closed with full payment being received, who is liable to pay the tax owing?

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Registrants should be familiar with the Greenbelt Act 2005 and disclose to potential buyers if they want to buy land that comes under its purview because…?

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The warranty for new homes and condominiums in Ontario is provided by whom?

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The Ontario two-year warranty scheme for new homes does not cover damage caused by what?

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A typical home will be rated for energy efficiency under the EnerGuide program as falling within what range?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible for one brokerage to refuse to cooperate/deal with another because they are offering lower rates of commission?

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Non-compliance with the federal Competition Act by a real estate brokerage may result in criminal penalties of up to…?

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R2000 homes typically have an energy efficiency rating above…?

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Capital Gains tax is applied to what percentage of the profit/gain from the sale of a capital item?

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What is a key factor for deciding whether Capital Gains tax applies?

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The Ontario warranty scheme for new homes does not cover which of these types of property?

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What is the maximum warranty available for new freehold homes and condominium units under the Ontario warranty scheme?

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The fine for having a building or making alterations that do not comply with the Ontario Building Code and Fire Code can be up to how much for a first offence?

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To qualify as a principal residence (subject to certain exceptions), a property must sit on an area of land that does not exceed…?

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How many phases are there of the Environmental Site Assessment for land for development?

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Which of these types of property might be not subject to Capital Gains tax when sold?

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Which of these is it not permitted for a representative of a brokerage to describe themselves as when sending Commercial Electronic Messages?

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