Residential Real Estate Transactions - Test 04

The Ontario Residential Real Estate Transactions Test is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the official course material. The test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that cover a wide variety of topics related to real estate transactions, including contract law, property ownership, agency relationships, and financing. To succeed on the exam, candidates need a strong understanding of real estate terminology, legal concepts, and practical application. However, with thorough preparation and practice, it is possible to pass the test with flying colors and gain certification as a knowledgeable and competent real estate professional. Whether you are a new agent looking to jump-start your career, or an experienced professional seeking to expand your knowledge base.


Residential Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 04

Ontario Residential Real Estate Transactions - Course 2

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If aluminium wiring is present in a property, the seller may be advised…?

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If an area of a property cannot be accessed for inspection, the salesperson should…?

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Revealing any stigma attached to a property to potential buyers is…?

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A Class 5 sewage system consists of…?

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Unused oil tanks on a property must be…?

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Closed cell spray foam insulation is most frequently used for…?

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The total living area of a property is calculated using the external measurements of all above grade living areas that…?

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117. Registrants are prohibited from providing value opinions to clients or customers…?

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Which of these could lead to a property being "stigmatised"?

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If a property has an unused water well it should be…?

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A property which takes water from a well must have water quality tested at least…?

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The potability of water refers to its…?

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Curb appeal refers to what?

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Under the Ontario Building Code a septic system must be at least what distance from any structure?

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Which of these is an advantage of a tankless water heater?

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A seller becomes a client of a brokerage when they…?

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In terms of local economic conditions, regression refers to…?

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A Form Report is generally used for estimating the market value of…?

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99. The voluntary R-2000 certification system is used to certify homes for…?

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Sick building syndrome refers to what?

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Which of these uses of a property could lead to the creation of material latent defects?

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If a seller asks a salesperson to hide certain material facts, e.g. unused underground fuel tanks, the seller must...?

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A person with Canadian Residential Appraisal status may evaluate housing containing up to how many self-contained units?

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A brick masonry wall consists of how many layers of bricks?

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Providing false information when applying for a building permit may lead to what?

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Urea formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) may be found in homes built up to…?

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A person accredited to provide valuations for all types of real estate properties including industrial, commercial and agricultural, has the designation…?

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A house may need its water system replacing if the pipes are made of…?

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If a property has knob and tube type wiring, it should generally…?

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Checks should be made for asbestos as an insulating material in homes built up to…?

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