Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Questions from Discover Canada Chapter - Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. Detailed chapter-by-chapter questions help students retain and review knowledge from each chapter.


What status do the French and English languages have in the Canadian constitution?

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Which of these is not enshrined in Canadian law?

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Canada is personified by…?

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Military service in Canada is…?

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Voting in elections in Canada is…?

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Which of these is above Canadian law?

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Forced marriage is permitted in Canada…?

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Canadians have a right to live and work…?

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What is the name of the military in Canada?

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What does the Canadian constitution say about multiculturalism?

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To become a Canadian citizen you must have adequate knowledge of English or French if you are between the ages of…?

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To whom do you swear allegiance in the Canadian oath of citizenship?

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Who helps keep Canada’s north safe?

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Which of these religions has greater rights in Canada?

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Under Canadian law, men and women are equal…?

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Which of these is not a source of Canadian law?

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It is regarded as the responsibility of a Canadian citizen to…?

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Canada subscribes to the principle of habeas corpus. What does this mean?

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Which of these is part of the responsibility of a citizen?

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In 1982, the Canadian constitution was amended to include the…?

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The protection of Canada’s environment is the responsibility of whom?

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10.What status do the rights of Aboriginal Peoples have in the Canadian constitution?

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Jury service in Canada is…?

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Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
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