Study Well Before Your Ontario G1 Driving Test

Student drivers must put into practice what is learned and show a solid understanding of laws. Remembering the details of these laws can be challenging, especially during a G1 driving test. However, when drivers are given the proper tools and strategies, they can be successful during the written driving exam.

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Study the Driver’s Manual

First, it is important to have the right tools to study. Set aside three things; a highlighter, note cards, and a driver’s manual. You can get a driver’s manual or handbook from your local driving licensing office or online. Read the manual to become familiar with the contents. Review the charts, headings, and pictures. As you read, write brief notes on note cards to practice and review information throughout the day. Use a highlighter to highlight key areas that you may need to go back and review later. Rereading your manual helps you commit to memory the information you need to retain. Good preparation can take up your time, but it is worth it!

Visit Your Local Licensing Center

The more you know, the better and more relaxed you will feel when it is time to take your written test. The G1 test is administered on a computer-based system at the testing center. Take a trip to your local licensing center so you can see what your testing site will look like. If you are not able to visit, you can do a little research online to see what a licensing center testing area looks like.

G1 Driving Test

Practice with Online Test Questions

According to, an online test question is another tool to help you study. The results of a practice test show what you need to review and study. They help to prepare you for the type of questions that will be on the real test. It is also practical to re-take online tests questions in order to review and see what you need to study again. This will help you to answer the official test questions with confidence. The official website has several practice test questions that you can use to test your knowledge of what you are reading in the manual. The tests are arranged by providences or territories, so it is easier to practice a test with laws from your local area.

Practice Makes Perfect

Studying in short increments is very effective. Reviewing and updating notes with new points you learn is also good practice. Remember to pay specific attention to rules about stop signs; distance behind school buses; and passing lanes on roadways. All these tips help you memorize the information. It also helps ease stress while taking the G1 driving test. You will be confident of what you know.

The Night Before

A good night’s rest and a good breakfast is the recipe for a clearer head. When you take care of yourself physically, you’ll have more of the energy needed to concentrate. If you come across a question on the written G1 driving test that you don’t know, remember to relax and try to narrow your response down to two answers. Then choose the answer that sounds the most accurate. When you read, study, and practice, you can feel confident about passing your written test.