Celebrating Canada Day

Canada Day, or Fête du Canada, is the perfect day for Canadians around the world to celebrate their country, their heritage, and their national “birthday.” This day, above all others, is a day for Canadians to be proud of their homeland, and to celebrate the 1867 Constitution Act which created it. For Canadians from Nova Scotia to Singapore, July 1st calls for celebration, and there are many great ways to go about getting the party started.

For those Canadians who live in one of Canada’s provinces, celebrating this holiday is easy, and can be a great deal of fun. Many Canadians should first consider marking this holiday with friends and neighbors, either with small gatherings or large block parties or barbeques. In fact, many communities around Canada choose to organize large events for all to enjoy, and may host parades, concerts, fireworks or carnivals. Getting involved in the planning of these events, or simply attending and enjoying them with other proud Canadians is a great way to celebrate Canada Day.

More adventurous Canadians can choose to spend their national holiday taking part in a planned celebration day or activity offered by a business or company. Canada Day river and lake cruises have become increasingly popular as they afford patrons the feel of a “mini vacation” while keeping them close to home and the surrounding festivities. Among younger Canadians, organized pub crawl events are the way to spend Canada Day, as they are generally affordable and allow revelers to go out on the town with friends and peers in relative safety.

For Canadians who happen to be abroad on July 1st, Canada Day can still be celebrated with all the excitement and verve that it is afforded in Canada. Expatriates, travelers and deployed military personnel all take part in organized Canada Day festivities wherever they happen to be. These events generally include organized activities such as street hockey or small parades, but can also be limited to a small group getting together for a potluck meal.

Whatever activities are chosen to celebrate Canada Day, it is important for Canadians around the world to simply take the time to celebrate their country, and the single act that gave it birth.