Ontario Drivers License Test - Traffic Signs 01 Flashcards

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You must come to a complete stop

Keep to the right of the traffic island

Slow moving vehicle ahead

Road work ahead

Do not turn left at the intersection

Do not turn to go in the opposite direction. (U-turn)

Traffic lights ahead. Slow down

Destination board

Slow traffic on multi-lane roads must keep right

Bump or uneven pavement on the road ahead

Railway crossing ahead

Divided highway begins

The driver in this lane must turn right

Do not stop in the area between the signs

Speed limit changes ahead

You must let traffic in the intersection or close to it go first

Prohibited sign

Winding road ahead

Permissive sign

It warns that you are coming to a school zone

I am turning right

Do not enter this road

Sharp turn or bend in the road in the direction of the arrow

I am turning left

I am slowing or stopping

Two lanes ahead: both lanes travel in the same direction

Sharp curves in the road

Paved surface ends ahead

Snowmobiles cross this road

Passing permitted

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