5 Tips For Passing Your G2 Road Test First Time

Everyone wants to pass their driving test the first time, not only because of the stress it can cause, but because of the financial cost. Unfortunately, it is common for people to fail their G2 road test at the first attempt, either through nerves or due to the actions of others. Following these five G2 road test tips may make the difference between failing and passing your driving test.

Moving off and coming to a stop

Moving away from the curb and bringing the car to a stop are essential parts of the driving test. The examiner will be looking to make sure you complete these moves safely. Before you move off, be sure to check all your mirrors for pedestrians and other road users, and check your blind spot as well. When coming to a stop, aim to get close to the curb so that your vehicle does not stick out, but do not bring the vehicle so close that you scrape your tires.

At junctions

You will have been trained to slow down when approaching junctions, and if necessary, to stop to allow oncoming traffic to pass. You may feel that you need to show the examiner you have mastered this practice by always slowing to a stop when approaching a junction. However, the examiner will not be impressed if you do this when there is no oncoming traffic. Show confidence in your ability to judge the situation and act accordingly.

G2 Road Test Tips

During maneuvers

The examiner will ask you to perform at least one maneuver during your test, but as there are several for him or her to choose from, you will need to practice them all. Do not rush the maneuver you are asked to perform. Instead, take your time, checking all your mirrors throughout and keeping constant control of the vehicle. If you begin a maneuver and then realize that you will end up hitting the curb, stop the vehicle safely and ask the examiner if you may start again.

Emergency stop

It is likely that the examiner will instruct you to perform an emergency stop during your driving test. While not a difficult act to perform, it is responsible for many a failed driving test. It is worth remembering not to brake too hard nor too feebly, but to apply adequate, confident pressure to the brakes. It is essential to check mirrors and the blind spot before moving off again.

Practice actual routes

Every driving test center has a set of routes that an examiner can take. These are often available on the center’s website to download. It can be helpful to practice driving these routes to familiarize yourself with them, allowing you to become aware of potential problems, such as roundabouts and crossroads. Make sure you practice all of the routes specified, as you cannot know which one your examiner will choose on the day you are tested.

There is always an element of chance when it comes to taking your driving test; the roads may be unusually busy or another driver may pull out unexpectedly in front of you, making you panic. However, providing you practice the above key elements until perfect, and by being confident in your abilities, it is likely that you will pass your G2 road test the first time. If you have not already done so, practice with the G1 test as often as you need to. Also, check out best and worst place to take you road test in Ontario.

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