Are You Eligible to Move to Canada?

Like many countries, Canada always welcomes new citizens from around the world. In fact, with the gradual slowing of Canada’s birth rate, immigration is critical for sustaining the country’s population. However, this does not mean that everyone who applies will get in. There are a variety of factors that affect your eligibility to immigrate to …

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Move to Canada

The Canadian System of Government

Since its Confederation more than a century ago, when Great Britain granted Canada its own constitution, Canadians have been governed by three distinct levels of government: federal, provincial or territorial, and municipal. While Canada still follows the model of the British Parliamentary system, the country has evolved into a unique democracy which embraces traditions from …

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Canadian System of Government

Canada Day: What Do You Do?

Back on July 1, 1867, Canada separated from Great Britain, starting both its own government and nation. This separation resulted in the four different provinces that can be found within the Canadian foundation: Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Until 1982, the anniversary of the separation was known as Dominion Day; however, ever since …

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