Canada Day: What Do You Do?

Back on July 1, 1867, Canada separated from Great Britain, starting both its own government and nation. This separation resulted in the four different provinces that can be found within the Canadian foundation: Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Until 1982, the anniversary of the separation was known as Dominion Day; however, ever since […]

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What to do on Canada Day

There are many exciting things to do on Canada Day. The largest celebrations will be held in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax. Enjoy fireworks, barbeques, dancing, carnivals, circuses, exotic food, and more! Ottawa is the national capital of Canada and usually hosts the largest celebration. This year’s celebration will be exceptional because the city is

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Celebrating Canada Day

Canada Day, or Fête du Canada, is the perfect day for Canadians around the world to celebrate their country, their heritage, and their national “birthday.” This day, above all others, is a day for Canadians to be proud of their homeland, and to celebrate the 1867 Constitution Act which created it. For Canadians from Nova

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